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Keyhole Mirror is a wood version of a keyhole escutcheon that is scaled up for functional use. It is designed, made and finished to give the appearance of antique hardware, in a refined way.

The Keyhole Mirror is made out of pattern grade mahogany. The wood is chosen for its' stability and workability. It is laminated for width, with each lamination from the same board. The form is turned on a lathe, as are the two escutcheon pins.

The Keyhole Mirror has a subtle domed profile on the interior and beaded profile that gradually flares out on the exterior. The keyhole shape is carefully cut out; with the inside edge visually doubled in thickness because of the mirror. The keyhole measures 14 1/2" high by 5 1/4" at the widest.

The finish is a multi-step process that includes grain filler, stain, a glaze with antique mica particles and top coated with lacquer. The finish of Keyhole Mirror has an overall effect of oil rubbed bronze: brown/ black, and hints of copper color. Yet with the richness of the finish, the wood grain is lightly visible.

I enjoy finding alternative functional uses for objects. My intent is to find an object whose form will inspire the design and function of a piece of furniture. In the case of the Keyhole Mirror, I re-discovered a keyhole escutcheon on an antique bureau in a family cottage. Designing and making a mirror seemed fitting!

Keyhole Mirror
Keyhole Mirror
mahogany, stain
22" dia x 3"d