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Autumn is a hand-made coat rack inspired by an old-fashioned hay rake. The design combines Shaker aesthetics and New England ingenuity.

Each coat rack is made from a single board of walnut, which ensures consistent color and grain throughout Autumn. Because each walnut board is unique, the color and grain pattern will vary slightly from what is shown.

The sixteen pegs taper towards the back and have a dome at the front. The handle is shaped with machines and with hand tools. It is tapered up from the base, and transitions to flat edges near the braces. The soft, hand-rubbed oil finish enhances and protects the wood.

The brass braces are 1/8 inch thick. The braces are hand sanded on a bias to create a subtle diagonal grain, then finished with a black patina and light coat of wax.

I enjoy finding alternative functional uses for objects. My intent is to find an object whose form will inspire the design and function of a piece of furniture. I admire Shaker objects and old farming tools (well…tools in general). The Shaker pegboard and hay rake blended well into the design of Autumn.

Assembly is required for Autumn, and detailed instructions are included. It is shipped in four parts: cross piece, handle and two braces. Fasteners for installation on drywall are included.

walnut, brass
67"h x 63"w x 4 5/8"d